Without a doubt, Authority and Relevance Are the Main Factors for SEO Success.

Search engine optimization includes many aspects. One of them – in fact highly important – is link building.

On those grounds and given the fact that quite a few companies have in-house SEO teams nowadays, we’ve made a decision to split link building into separate services for your convenience.

Google has made it really clear that websites will only receive top rankings in the search results if – and only if – their content has authority. Authority sites are premier sites in an industry sector, that are relevant to the niche and that have many site visitors, generally speaking.

With our link development tactics, we aim to purposefully place and implant your links within these authority sites.


We focus our attention on white-hat link building only. Our strategy comprises various methods. All of these methods are highly ethical and are based on creating associations with blog writers or influencers. This is called outreach, and its purpose is to find out if there’s a joint benefit with their audience by producing increased value for their readers using your content.

We are convinced that your brand is very important for your company, and consequently, important for us. We solely go after links that are relevant and the best choice for your industry.

Coupled with relevance, it’s also essential to keep in mind that our link building tactics include evaluating domain authority (DA), a metric that is becoming the industry standard for primary evaluation of a link target. It’s a measure for ranking power of a given domain / website.

However, domain authority is merely a starting point, and placeing a link on a domain with DA 30 and above is what we concentrate on in order to take full advantage of the value and trust signals that come back from these domains to your website.

Link building services feature:

  • Contextual links on blogs or publications with high authority
  • Editorial links and links based on citation
  • Links in industry-specific directories
  • Vendor-specific profile links
  • Local citations (where suited)
  • Blog comments for a diversified link profile
  • Forum links corresponding to to your industry

Most importantly, it comes down to creating a relationship with the other website to get your high-quality content published. The most useful links are so-called earned links, and it’s not uncommon that this type link building effort leads to additional awareness, which leads to a lot more links.

Some high quality publications where we can place links include:

  • Huffington Post
  • Wikipedia
  • Glamour
  • Buzzfeed
  • Social Media Today
  • Numerous others

Having said that, it’s critical to bring up the following: link building is very time-consuming and it can take up to a month to obtain the first link. We bill in many different ways that will work for you.


Our connections with bloggers also allow us to offer volume link building services with websites that have lower domain authority, typically ranging from DA 20 to DA 40. We can aquire more than 30 high quality links per month if wanted.

By combining authority link building with outreach and volume link building, the advantages of these services for our clients are:

* Higher rankings in search engines
* Added traffic from referral websites
* Diversified, natural link profile

The traffic and higher rankings will drive more visitors to your website, subsequently leading to more prospects and business for your organization. Everyone appreciates more business!

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